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Welcome to our summer program, where educational and social development go hand in hand. Our tailored focus is on teaching nurturing and supporting fun learning environment  which means every  child means that every child will find a happy home here.


iCAN Philosophy

The way we taught acting twenty years ago has become somewhat outdated. Students today focus more on the ever evolving technology and social media. Today’s average student is over stimulated, tacitly disconnected from their environment and generally disconnected from their bodies and imaginations. It is our responsibility as educators to find a way into this new generation. We must strive to inspire and encourage artists to explore the complexities of humanity and be fearless in the investigation personally and socially in order to find their individual voice.

Our teaching method is deeply rooted in the Meisner technique which prizes the truth while utilizing the imagination.  We immerse the students in engaging their imagination through movement and exercises exploring their own minds and their point of views. Once the imagination is ignited we begin to teach the five fundamental elements of acting: Circumstances, acting relationship, how you feel, objective and actions to obtain your objective. This works well with the current generation of theatre students because it empowers students to act on their instincts and begin to feel self worth. We instill a self confidence overcoming the barrage of peer pressure and bullying.

With this method of teaching a student also learns focus and self discipline. They learn to be reliable to their scene partner as well as feel open to express themselves and to explore the character and material. This happens when an educator creates a safe and nurturing environment. Acting is a fine art and cannot be learned overnight. It must be honed and honored. There is no right or wrong in acting, but there is a safe way to teach it and we strive to do that.

Aside from giving the students the techniques and skills required of an actor, our goal is to make a well rounded, informed artist that will be able to intelligently and artistically approach any work given to them with a positive, educated manner that will help give a voice to the humanity.It is our job as all artists to constantly push the envelope while striving to be truthful.